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Web Service Infrastructures

The most common and basic web service infrastructure patterns.

Service Connector How can clients avoid duplicating the code required to use a specific service and also be insulated from the intricacies of communication logic?
Service Descriptor How can development tools acquire the information necessary to use a web service, and how can the code for Service Connectors be generated?
Asynchronous Response Handler How can a client avoid blocking when sending a request?
Service Interceptor How can common behaviors like authentication, caching, logging, exception handling, and validation be executed without having to modify the client or service code?
Idempotent Retry How can a client ensure that requests are delivered to a web service despite temporary network or server failures?
SOA Infrastructures An overview of a few infrastructures frequently used in Service Oriented Architectures. This content only appears in the book.

Developers may select zero, one, or more of these patterns when designing clients: Service Connector, Async Response Handler, Service Interceptor, Idempotent Retry, Orchestration Engine

Developers may select zero, one, or more of these patterns when designing a given service: Service Descriptor, Service Interceptor, Service Registry, Enterprise Service Bus, Orchestration Engine