Web API Evolution - Streaming Video of QCon Presentation
Some think that, with great effort, it is possible to create Web APIs that never change. Yet these efforts always seem to be futile. Clients will always evolve at a different rate from the services that use them, and vice versa. This means that Web API developers must devise ways to accommodate new (client) requirements while ensuring these changes do not break existing users. So, how can services be designed to support both backward and forward compatibility?
Service Design Patterns - Streaming Video of Interview with Eric Newcomer
Rob Daigneau talks about his book "Service Design Patterns", SOA, REST, how to choose between RPC, Messaging, and Resource APIs, and much more.
InfoQ Interviews Rob Daigneau on Service Design Patterns
InfoQ caught up with Robert Daigneau to discuss some of the ideas behind the book. The entire Resource API pattern has been made available for the InfoQ community.